Air France Boeing forced to land after ‘hot smell in cabin’

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Air France confirms that the crew of flight AF338 on May 7, 2024, connecting Paris (CDG) to Seattle (SEA) in a Boeing 787-900, decided to divert to Iqaluit Airport (YFB) in Canada after hot weather appeared. smell in the cabinShe said in a statement sent to AFP. “This decision was taken in accordance with the manufacturer’s procedures, the company’s instructions and applying the precautionary principle. The plane landed normally in Iqaluit (northeast Canada, editor’s note) at 10:44 local time.“Tuesday, he specifies.

Initial checks by an Air France mechanic sent to the site have not yet revealed any anomalies. These checks are ongoing” said an Air France spokesman. Boeing is going through a difficult period after several incidents. Three of the four commercial aircraft models currently manufactured by the US group are officially under investigation by the US Civil Aviation Regulatory Agency (FAA), including the 787 “Dreamliner”.

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Air France carefully follows the requirements and recommendations of French and international authorities. No reservations were expressed regarding the Boeing 787 and 777 fleets operated by our company“, reminded the last one. Passengers on the diverted flight were transported to New York-JFK before being diverted to soon as possible“.

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