Will the 11,000 Air Belgium damaged customers be refunded soon?

Were Air Belgium’s privileges at Charleroi legal?

When will the 11,000 passengers be compensated?

Air Belgium is in the process of judicial reorganization (PRJ) from September 2023. The goal of this procedure is to “to allow the company to reorganize and negotiate agreements with its creditors to reduce its debt“, explains the company’s press release. However, in principle, Belgian legislation sets a maximum statutory suspension period of 12 months. Last January, a request for an extension of 4 months was received.for the purpose of continuing negotiations and reorganization of the company’s activities“.

But without achieving its goals, Air Belgium had to ask again for additional time in April 2024. This was granted until August 20, 2024. This extension is an encouraging sign for the 11,000 passengers who were harmed by the company.

Last year, Air Belgium announced that it would continue to operate its flights from Zaventem to South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg) and Mauritius until 3 October. Return flights were supported by the company either directly or through other airlines. However, the situation was less clear for the 11,000 passengers who booked their flights after the suspension of Air Belgium passenger flights. The company left considerable vagueness about the reimbursement situation for these passengers: “Flights scheduled after this date (from October 3) and already paid by passengers would be canceled and reimbursed as a priority as part of the procedure”the company then explained.

Air Belgium stops its passenger flights: what about the public funds invested and what compensation for the 20,000 injured passengers?

But since then, the company has shown no concrete desire to compensate its injured passengers. Until today ? In any case, Air Belgium has confirmed that it envisages extending its PRJ in order to reach a concrete solution by 20 August 2024.”These measures are necessary to conclude the procedure (PRJ) under the best conditions and to achieve the main objective of compensating each passenger.”, confirms the company.

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