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Updated May 7, 2024 at 3:33 p.m.

How to dress the terrace by the pool? – © Agence POBA / Photographer: Lionel MOULET

Natural stones, concrete slabs, wooden slats, what material will cover the surroundings of the swimming pool? Safety and aesthetics must be taken into account when choosing this outdoor covering. Guide.

With hot summer weather forecast, pool owners will be envious. Because this swimming area is much more than that. It is also a place to cool off and relax in the shade of a parasol. After that, it is advisable to add sunbeds and sunbeds, which will be installed after the pool terrace roof is installed. This will improve and refine the arrangement of this outer corner. If the atmosphere of the garden is a burden when choosing a material, do not forget about safety criteria and easy maintenance. They guarantee or comfort around the pool and its lifespan.

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Why is it important to take care of the surroundings of your swimming pool?

The arrangement of the pool allows you to create a pleasant corner as an extension of the terrace, so that you can fully enjoy the outdoors during sunny days. First, we find the border forming a barrier between the water of the basin, vegetation, insects, etc. Some models of inground pools install only this frame, so that the grass from the garden covers the terrace of the pool. This space accommodates sunbeds, sunbeds and other hammocks, as well as potted plants and shrubs for natural breezes. The ground therefore deserves a robust, high-quality covering rather than ordinary grass, which is damaged by the action of chlorine and the weight of the seats.

Which patio cover for which pool?

Various types of natural or composite wood – requiring less maintenance – are usually installed on above-ground pools, while the slats are easy to change, but they also find their place around in-ground pools. The latter offer more options. The choice will then be made according to the desired style: natural stones for a traditional pool terrace or Mediterranean style, porcelain stoneware for designer pools, wood for a 100% natural pool and, conversely, concrete will be incorporated into a more modern swimming pool. What to do with a round pool? Concrete slabs, travertine, stone or outdoor tiles will be more suitable as they conform to the curve of the pool.

The best pool deck covering

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