The best sites to support you in your studies

During your studies, you will have a lot of work to do in addition to living outside. For make your life easier in certain areas, such as creativity, writing or even video, there are sites that will help you. Kotplanet has compiled for you its 6 best sites that could be great help throughout the study period. From correcting spelling to creating visuals or even organizing student life, it’s all here. These pages are based on the development of artificial intelligence. His ability to produce results is simply amazing.

Kotplanet offers you 5 search engines that you can use to vary your search.


For you, create visual aids, It doesn’t get easier. You can start from an already developed model or from scratch. You can create your resume directly on Canva. The same goes for visual presentations like PowerPoint. And the best part is it’s all free. Of course there is a premium version, but you can pretty much get by with the free version.

2/ Scribbr

This is the site menu many options such as spelling correction, bibliography writing, anti-plagiarism software, etc. It can be very useful for you when writing your thesis. You can even pay for it ask them to read it this thesis or internship report to see and correct any errors.

3/ GPT chat

Is this name unfamiliar to you? No wonder it isone of the most used software for numerous typing or rewriting of text. You can also use it to generate code, video or even audio. However, beware of not be dependent on him. You can use it for trivia, but not for TFE writing, for example.

4/ Concept

For organize optimally your diary is the best From classic journaling to note taking, it’s a multitasking program. If you want to organize your courses and avoid having to “clean up” your computer, you can request the free version of Notion. The only real downside to the free version of the site is its limited storage capacity. There is also the option of gathering knowledge using the tool.

5/ Cogram

During group work, it can be difficult to take notes while listening to other members of your group. This amazing tool take notes for you as you structure them. In addition, it provides a brief summary of the important information that was heard. This with a goalfocus exclusively on interactions with others. It’s also practical, so you don’t have to spend time restructuring your notes after the meeting. The AI ‚Äč‚Äčthat generates it shares the file with you seconds after the collection is finished. Very useful for saving time.

After that, unfortunately, he cannot organize the group.

6/ Flik

Fliki allows you to do this transform thoughts your imagination directly into the video. For example, if you have an idea for video editing, you can indicate it with a tool that will do all the work for you. He is also able create texts and also comments for your video capsules. You can also search for a topic in the search bar and the many results they offer you. It can help you, but you need to be in control of your production.

As a student, your time is precious. If you want to save time for other things outside of the classroom, like sports, sleep, or going out, you can rely on some AI-based software to do certain things. From creating images and videos to writing text, there are many options. Let’s start with You can go to create a PowerPoint or your CV. To check your spelling, you can copy and paste the text into Scribbr. To generate texts (not your TFE), GPT chat will be your best asset. Idea organizing everything is perfect, as well as planning your agenda. Cogram take care of taking notes during team meetings. And also Flik for creating a video that summarizes your research.

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