Studying in the library: advantages and disadvantages

Whether in your school library, a public library, or even a private library, there is always a good reason to go. In the end, there are pros and cons. But don’t stress if you are a first year student or even if you want to change the way you study, Kotplanet has several advantages and disadvantages for you to study in the library. To make up your own mind…

Are you stressed about your blockage? No worries, that’s understandable. But to help you, Kotplanet gives you 5 tips to succeed in your first blockade.


Quiet location

It’s always a problem at home or in your kitty. Between others making noise, your neighbor mowing his lawn, or even ambient noise, It’s not always easy to focus. Especially if you have an “idle” mind. But, you will be able to concentrate in the library, in a quiet place, with or without headphones. There are even some libraries that provide completely quiet rooms.

Put yourself in your bubble

Even when people are around, in the library, you can always get into the bubble to work. All you have to do is grab your headphones and your best playlist (or your best podcast) to get back into your bubble. Because everyone is in their own bubble in the library, you are rarely unfocused and forced to fit into the “work bubble”. This will allow you to be more focused and therefore more productive.

You are “forced” to work

You are not allowed to work in the library. Yes, it’s a bit harsh to say, but you have nothing else to do but watch the flies fly by. Not like your bedroom/study where it’s so easy to lie in bed and take a nap. In the library, swiping on TikTok or Insta isn’t great. And nap the best, even less. So besides waiting, you find yourself forced to workand go to study (finally).

The opportunity to meet people

In the library, you will find many students who like you are stressed about exams and looking for a good place to work. You will even be able to meet the students you meet in the auditorium. It is an opportunity to engage in discussion, during breaks and also to discuss the lessons and ask questions.


You may be disturbed by others

If you really need to be in your bubble, In the library, you risk being disturbed by the world around you. So often everyone is friendly and no one judges you, but you can quickly get distracted by your neighbor talking, your neighbor staring into space, etc.

You must be silent

If you’re in a chatty mood while studying, it’s a little trickier in the library. It is obvious that the main thing in the library is to be silent and try to make as little noise as possible. It’s an opportunity to stay calm, but This could be a hindrance for you…

You will have to change the way you study

It all depends on how you study. Because if you’re on the “recitation” team… it’s more complicated in the library. Because yes, if you need to recite your lesson, speak loudly, or act short when you speak, you will be understood, it is less appropriate in the library. So you may have to change your working method if you go to the library.

If you want even more trouble to convince your friend that going to the library is not a good idea, Kotplanet offers you 10 reasons not to go to the library.

The whole thing is too find the right balance between studying at home or in the kitty, and in libraries. They are not open all the time, and if you study in the evening, working in the library is more demanding. But in short, we left you in it and we are sure that your session will turn out well.

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