New bike sales falling, manufacturers and dealers in trouble?

A survey by L’UNION sport & cycle revealed that bike demand last year it ran out of steam, i.e. a decrease of -14% compared to 2022. This decrease in the number of copies sold applies to both mechanical and electric models. What is the reason? Answers.

Decline in sales of new bikes

During the Vélo exhibition in Paris, L’UNION sport & cycle published the results of the Cycling Observatory 2023. Created since 1999, this study presents an annual report on the sales of bicycles, e-bikes and accessories in France. in 2023 bicycle sales down compared to 2022, i.e. 2.2 million new models sold across France, which means a decrease of 14%. In addition, various players in the field, such as parts manufacturers and retailers, agree that 2023 was a particularly difficult year.

in terms of value however, this market, which has more than 3.4 billion euros, has seen a much less significant decrease, reaching -5.5% compared to 2022. The strongest increases were observed between 2019 and 2020, with a value increase of 25% compared to the previous year.

This decline also affects the area of ​​electric scooters, which recorded sales of 678,000 models, a decrease of 11%. It’s not over because French production is also affected, especially with 645,000 units assembled in France last year., i.e. a decrease of 24%. Additionally, e-bike transactions fell to -9% compared to -16% for conventional models.

A decline that can be explained by several factors

After the 2020 restrictions, bicycle use simply exploded. Indeed, many cities have decided to build trails that allow citizens to exercise while respecting social distancing.. The bicycle has become one of the most popular means of transportationwhether to work, for a walk or even on holiday. However, towards the end of 2022, demand has fallen sharply due to a difficult economic environment. This led to overstocking throughout the logistics chain. Faced with this observation, manufacturers were forced to cut prices to attract customers.

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on the other hand, the reversal of the trend in 2023 can also be explained by the energy crisis. All this had a significant impact on the purchasing power of the French, because everything costs more. Subsequently, they had no choice but to postpone the purchase of new wheels. It’s not over since thenwe are witnessing the development of the second-hand market. Many communities and companies also offer rental deals. Obviously, all this necessarily slowed down sales of new bikes. In any case, the players in the field seem rather optimistic, they believe in the revival that will occur next year.

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