Inheritance: Belgians make more use of out-of-court mandates and inheritance contracts

As we can see in our infographic (see below), a total of 100,451 out-of-court mandates were concluded with us last year. And nine out of ten were signed in Flanders! As a reminder, the out-of-court mandate was introduced in our country in 2014. It enables preventive measures in the event that a person is no longer able to manage his property on his own, for example after an accident or illness.

In total, more than 500,000 out-of-court mandates have been concluded in Belgium to date and since 2014.

“You can appoint one or more people to manage your bank accounts, pay bills or collect your pension, for example. With this type of power of attorney, you can also give certain instructions regarding a sale or gift. Your property is thus not blocked by the fact that you can no longer exercise your will”reminds Renaud Grégoire, notary and spokesperson of, in a press release.

Number of registered inheritance agreements
Number of registered successor contracts ©IPM Graphics

A court mandate is also a care planning tool. In total, more than 500,000 out-of-court mandates have been concluded in Belgium to date. In most cases, this power of attorney is granted to a partner or one or more children.

More and more Belgians are rejecting their heritage

In transparency

More succession pacts were also concluded last year: 5,927 in 2023 compared to 4,649 in 2022. Here too, this tool was most used in Flanders: in Wallonia it was 4,422 times compared to 1,209 and in Brussels 296. . As points out, the inheritance contract offers families additional options to settle their inheritance in a completely transparent manner. “It’s an ideal tool for identifying past issues and openly discussing them. All heirs, including stepchildren and grandchildren, are included in the discussions, which helps reduce family conflict and increase peace of mind.”the press release points out.

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