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Updated May 7, 2024 at 4:49 p.m.

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Designer garden furniture is a guarantee of an elegant and comfortable outdoor environment. On the terrace or in the garden, indulge in our selection of outdoor furniture for small and large budgets.

As the indoor/outdoor trend has become a permanent part of our decorating habits, it’s only natural that our exterior takes on an interior feel. And unlike our house, where we try to avoid the overall look by focusing on mismatched pieces (yet maintaining harmony), we can afford to standardize in the garden. What could be better than designer garden furniture? A complete combo consisting of a coffee table combined with seats such as armchairs, sofas or ottomans… this piece straight from the home has reappeared far from the clichés of the past. Say goodbye to yellowed plastic furniture and make way for materials that are easier to maintain.

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Wood, aluminum, rattan… for designer and trendy garden furniture

Even if we succumb to its appearance at first, garden furniture must combine functionality, resistance to bad weather and comfort. Wood, aluminum or woven resin perfectly fulfill all these criteria without spoiling our joy. And after the sensational return to our home, the rattan furniture will take its place outside as in the conservatory with an adorable retro spirit. For a bohemian touch and a real decorative signature, we top it all off with a pretty outdoor rug and garden lamps that are both trendy and practical.

Luxury garden furniture for a rare exterior

Although it is rarer to find complete garden furniture designed by designers, it is of course possible to assemble one to our liking. Garden sofas, armchairs, lamps… luxury garden furniture is brought out into an exceptional environment. This season we fall for natural materials, organic shapes or vintage aesthetics, which once again prove that decoration trends from the past are still essential today.
In short, designer garden furniture is a real call for relaxation, inactivity and relaxation. So why fight back?

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