Alila rules out early dissolution, but needs to adjust her situation

In the latest filings (PV) of property developer Alila, published by online legal information website Pappers, it says that its loss for the financial year 2022 is EUR 10,070,818.

A reduction that results in a reduction of the company’s equity to the amount of EUR 1,639,365 or less than half of the share capital, which reaches EUR 10,000,000.

The consequence: the partners had “four months after the approval of the financial statements (October 19, 2023, editor’s note) that revealed this loss, (to decide whether or not there is a reason for the early dissolution of the company,” specifies the minutes of February 19, 2024 .

The partners of the Lyon SME acted within this framework “continuation of the company despite losses”according to Pappers.

Top up the capital

Excluding the possibility of “premature dissolution”, the applicant “must, at the latest at the end of the second financial year following the year during which the losses were recorded, either reduce its capital by an amount at least equal to the shares that could not be charged to the reserves or after the reconstitution of equity in the amount of at least half of the share capital,” we read again.

More than a year in confusion due to the legal problems of its founding director Hervé Legros, for moral harassment, hidden work or even abuse of social assets, the promoter acquired in June and September 2023, two extensions of the deadline for holding this general meeting.


Alila Promoter Spiritual Agencies

“Find a solution for group survival”

Blending its “turnover” and “business volume” carelessly, as our survey revealed, Alila presented itself as a leading player in the “top 10” of French promoters for many years.

Last January, Hervé Legros publicly admitted that his company was in trouble : “My daily life consists of finding solutions for the survival of the group. »


A corporate revolt is organized in the face of Alila’s practices

In this LinkedIn post, the manager also stated that “certain clients, particularly social landlords who book new housing en masse, have ‘turned their backs’ on him following his initial placement in police custody on 16 January 2023”.

According to the local press, which refers to the Lyon prosecutor’s office, Hervé Legros was arrested for the second time on February 1, 2024. He has been under judicial supervision since then.


Alila: Cabbage, Carrots and Housing

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