What is Scandinavian, this decorating trend that everyone is talking about?

The Scandifor style comes from a contraction of the words “Scandinavian” and “Californian”. You guessed it, it’s an alliance between a warm and minimalist Scandinavian atmosphere with a warmer Californian style. At stake? An atmosphere that is refined and colorful at the same time. The Scandifor style therefore combines Nordic moderation and Californian shades.

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where is it from?

This trend was invented in 2019 by American decorator Natalie Myers. He got the idea while remodeling his living room. When Natalie Myers adds a modular sofa in the neutral tones characteristic of Scandinavian decor, she thinks about how she can combine this Scandinavian style with the cool atmosphere typical of California. Scandiforn was born. In theory, many decorators have since adopted the term on their blog.

Some ground rules

How to adopt this new trend in your interior? The Scandifor style meets several basic criteria. When it comes to color, the Scandinavian style favors white walls. Indeed, in countries like Norway or Sweden, there are not many sundials, white color best supports natural light. The Scandifor style combines white with a more pastel color palette, such as terracotta (a shade reminiscent of baked clay) or even pink or soft green. These small colorful accessories will add more light to your interior.

As for materials, bet on natural products such as wood, jute or cotton. We also prefer wood floors in light tones with the same goal of increasing brightness. These materials will also add texture and character to your room.

When it comes to decorating, the Scandifor trend suggests adding numerous pillows, always in neutral tones. Their use brings comfort to the room. Nordic and Californian cultures also share the same common trait: a strong bond with nature. Adding natural or even artificial plants will make your interior warmer and more authentic. The Scandifor style can be applied in any space and is likely to become this year’s major decoration trend.

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