What does So Soir have in store for you this weekend?

Meeting with two zytologists

They are to beer what oenologists are to wine. Good connoisseurs of brewing, cultures, breweries and the history of beer itself are now devoting their lives to it and sharing their knowledge. Meeting with two enthusiasts.

Let’s decipher: luxury returns to childhood

Do you want pink, toys, magic, fun, quirky? From trendy restaurants to furniture, fashion and cuisine, it’s clear: designers lean towards childhood and wonder.

Focus on holistic beauty

The power of stones and crystals, but also sounds and vibrations, rituals linked to the cycle of the Moon… When a touch of the esoteric is added to the treatment, we stick. Two experts explain their approach to us.

Escape: how about we try Eindhoven?

Over the years, the Dutch city from the former headquarters of electronics giant Philips has become a trendy destination that will delight lovers of architecture and design, as well as shopaholics and foodies. We spent the whole weekend there, follow the guide.

But also

Restaurant: what will tomorrow’s menu look like?

Carlo and Flo take us to Achille, a wine and food bar, in Scharbeek.

C├ędric Tombeur (Torrefactory) gives us his favorite places to enjoy good coffee

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