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New or old: our experts advise

It’s not always easy to decide which pieces to go for when you want to furnish your spaces with style. Is vintage really popular? Isn’t it better to focus on contemporary designers? At the Li├Ęge Collectible Fair, we caught up with four experts to give us their take on the pieces to buy and the artists to watch.

When architects start designing

The line between architecture and design has long been clearly marked. However, both disciplines complement each other. In recent years, this has disappeared and more and more architects are starting to create furniture or decorative pieces. They tell us about their process.

With Olivier Vitry of claisse-architectures.be, leberrevevaud, vincentvanduysen and bismuth

Clean Up: The New Yoga

A tidy interior means a liberated mind. Daily facilitator Anne Mathieu explains the benefits of decluttering and gives us some basic reflexes.


But also

Everything about decoration and design news

The saga of the real Marseille soap

Carlo and Flo take us to the “bouchon Lyonnais” in Nivelles: Le Cigalon.

Alexandra Morel Antiques gives us her top picks for antiques in Brussels.

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