Trend: why are we eating more and more at restaurant counters?

If you visit prominent restaurants in the country, one detail probably hasn’t escaped you: it has been possible, even trendy, to dine at the counter for several years now. If this concept is not new in other big cities like New York or Paris, it is becoming popular here. For Filippo La Vecchia, chef and owner of Osteria Romano, this trend makes sense: “The bar is the heart of the restaurant; a dynamic and cool place to socialize, chat with the bartender or chef and have a friendly time. You never know how the evening will turn out. Found at an antiques dealer in Paris, our stools are from an old cabaret. In my opinion, the bar is the perfect place to eat. If it were possible, I would like everyone to be able to eat at the bar. I’m also thinking about a new concept where that would be the case.” Another advantage of the dining bar is that it most often rhymes with openness and transparency, two trendy concepts. “Seeing what’s going on in the kitchen and watching the chefs at work fascinates customers,” Nina Resto Bar tells us, whose counter communicates directly with the kitchen. “It’s very popular on weekend evenings, when it’s busy. »

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La Villa Lorraine, another bar-dining brand, offers this friendly approach to couples in love. “More than three guests, the discussions are more complicated,” explains Tatiana Litvine, the owner. “In addition, the experience must remain comfortable for the customer. We therefore chose high chairs with a backrest and a footstool. » At Live Light, a furniture rental company for catering professionals, we are told that stools are the new darlings of wine bar creators and trendy concepts. A choice that, in combination with classic chairs, adds energy to the space. In addition to its decidedly informal character, a stool is often lighter than a chair, making it easier to move around the space. At home, you can easily add a guest around the table or comfortably have a coffee at the bar. Combined with wooden legs, a leather or fabric seat adds an extra level of comfort and creates a nice stylistic contrast. »

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Serge Silber, co-founder of the Belgian furniture brand Marie’s Corner, is a keen observer of the trends that are shaking up the catering sector: “The trend of low dining, which we observed a few years ago after the boom of aperitifs and the concept of finger food, brought the low stool back into fashion Now restaurants are rethinking the concept of the counter more friendly way for guests to chat, the bar sometimes adopts a rounded shape, his new restaurant Menssa contacted us chef Christophe Hardiquest bar stools with old metal legs and very huggable backs, so we could sit comfortably for three hours.”

“At Racines, the restaurant of Francesco Cury and Ugo Federico, we replaced the existing stools to make the bar more welcoming. Denver, the high stool we placed around the counter, fulfilled its mission: to restore the appetite of the customers.” in the bar.” He continues: “For the stools we develop for private homes, the selection criterion is a small footprint. This year we launched two new backless designs: Tacoma, a round model that can easily be stored under a table, and Casper, a somewhat atypical triangular version – similar to a saddle – that offers two seating positions: in side saddle and on horseback.”

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