The “1 minute” rule, the perfect tip for a clean house at all times

The concept of the “1 minute” rule is as simple as it is brilliant: if a task or activity in your daily life takes less than a minute, do it immediately. This ingenious method makes it possible to avoid the accumulation of clutter, but above all not to fall into procrastination. Who never thought I’d take care of the laundry tomorrow or clean before letting the days and even weeks go by… The result is that we’re overwhelmed with an upside down house. We owe this method to the American Gretchen Rubin, a specialist in happiness and small everyday details that contribute to our well-being.

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A few practical examples

We may not realize it, but many small everyday tasks take less than a minute. The list is even quite long: make our bed after airing out the room for about ten minutes, put our clothes directly in the laundry basket, put things back after use, clean the kitchen as soon as we leave, dispose of your emails as you go to reduce your carbon footprint , quickly cleared the coffee table, etc.

Clean your house to free your mind

These actions are quick and simple, but when they are not done, the clutter ends up piling up and even making you feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed. Because a tidy house affects our well-being. Pascale Revon, home organizer and founder of Tsé-Trier and Simplify your space, recalls: “When we organize our house, we organize ourselves. De-cluttering the house also frees the mind and simplifies life. “Once the interior is sorted and cleaned, we no longer ask ‘where did I put this or that item?’. There is less visual pollution caused by misplaced items. If we don’t clean, let’s always keep in our minds that one day we will have to start.”

You will probably have to remember the “1 minute” rule for the first few moments, it is estimated that the habit will really happen after 21 days, but once it is incorporated, it will limit and change your daily life and your home.

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