Sustainability: 6 Keys to Creating a Kitchen That Will Stand the Test of Time

Co-creation in tailor-made services

You don’t just want “one” standard kitchen, you want “your” kitchen. And for good reason, we don’t change our kitchen regularly. It must look like you, suit you perfectly. A little, a lot, or 100%, customization is generally the best way to go about it. With a bespoke project created together with a kitchen expert, you are on the right track to finding the right balance between an aesthetic, functional and sustainable kitchen. The recipe for the perfect kitchen is a combination of your ideas and the know-how of an experienced and accessible kitchen expert.

Long life at all levels

It’s no surprise: the better your furniture and materials are, the longer your kitchen will last. Aesthetics matters, of course, but have you paid enough attention to the thickness of the boxes (up to 19 mm), the size of the furniture base, the robustness of the wood or the solidity of the drawers (some can hold up to 70 kg!) Another key point: the warranty on your furniture, which is Vanden Borre Kitchen 10 years. Finally, longevity is also measured in terms of style…

Your sustainability concerns

Low-energy appliances, an integrated waste sorting compartment, your choices can also be influenced by issues of sustainable development. Specifically, where does your kitchen furniture come from? For example, in Vanden Borre Kitchen, the Luxa range offers you recycled and recyclable doors as well as furniture with PEFC certification. This label confirms that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. Nowadays, this criterion can clearly decide…

Work area in the middle

How can we not solve the work schedule issue? One of the most used elements in your kitchen. It resists impacts, cushions knife impacts, supports pots and pans, etc. Its robustness and maintenance are therefore key factors, but the worktop also sets the tone. Therefore, you need to find the right balance between style and durability… The choice of materials plays a crucial role. Customers are looking for durable options that can withstand heat, scratches, bumps and stains. Several alternatives appear in Belgian kitchens to meet these requirements. Ceramics made of fired clay, natural stone or even terrazzo, composed of crushed marble aggregates in cement or resin mortar, offer different solutions. However, solid wood remains an essential choice for those who appreciate its timeless charm.

Layout for easy everyday life

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the workshop of your recipes! It must be as functional as it is warm. What’s worse than a center island that’s too bulky for the available space, impractical storage (therefore little use), a poorly placed dishwasher that always gets in your way when it’s open, inefficient sorting bins or a cooking zone that’s too narrow? So many reasons to entrust the design of your kitchen to an expert who is able to listen to your habits and advise you.

Appliances for life

Last but not least, the durability of your home appliances, both in terms of lifespan and CO emissions2. Refrigerators, hobs, ovens and dishwashers have a really high carbon footprint during use and production. You must therefore opt for well-sized and economical appliances while ensuring that they last as long as possible. As such, the Vanden Borre Life subscription is your ally in extending the life of your appliances: tailored maintenance advice, free repairs or even reimbursement in vouchers for your unrepairable appliances. An economical and sustainable choice!

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