Renting: how long do you have to return the security deposit to your tenant?

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In “Grand rendez-vous de l’immobilier” (Capital / Radio Immo), Ganaëlle Soussens, a lawyer in the field of real estate law, reminds the time limits available to the owner to return the security deposit to his tenant.

Capital Video: Renting: how long do you have to return the security deposit to your tenant?

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Every month, “Big Real Estate Event” (Capital / Radio Immo) it answers your questions through its ranking “It concerns you”. Our experts – lawyers, notaries, real estate agents – will solve the most complex legal problems for you and provide you with sound advice, whether you are thinking about selling, buying, renting or renovating your home. In this sequence, Ganaëlle Soussens, a real estate lawyer, answers a question from François, a member of the Owners’ Club, a Facebook group managed by Capital. The owner-landlord François must return the security deposit to his tenant who has just left his accommodation. What are the legal deadlines for this?

In response, Ganaëlle Soussens immediately reminds that the owner has one month to return the deposit. If the deposit must be returned in full without material damage, the owner can make deductions from the deposit in case of damage recorded in the accommodation. And be careful: the lawyer warns owners who are tempted to disregard this deadline. They are subject to a penalty of 10% of the rent per month of delay. In order to remove any confusion, Ganaëlle Soussens strongly recommends that you carry out the exit inventory carefully, as this document constitutes essential evidence in the event of a legal dispute with your tenant.

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