Kitchen according to your picture? Reveal the color in you

Color and texture matter for your future kitchen. Whether you’re dressing up furniture, defining a work surface or expanding your space. Sober, “natural”, modern, vintage or artistic, your kitchen can acquire several colors, combine several shades, express nuances and express a real signature, yours. Thanks to tailoring, you can give free rein to your creativity and design a precious pearl, true to your image, your needs and wishes. “Almost every third customer wants to further personalize their kitchen», notes David Mertens, who runs Vanden Borre Kitchen in Hannut with his wife Marie. No wonder, because the kitchen is not just a kitchen, it is the heart of your home…

The color of the difference

At Vanden Borre Kitchen, 100% personalized fitted kitchens are of course the main argument…”But always at the lowest price, because an important criterion is the budget“, he clarifies. “What makes Vanden Borre Kitchen different? Thanks to our expertise and our specifics, we can offer unlimited customization, from height-adjustable furniture (editor’s note up to 2m60) to an almost endless choice of facade colors. We can therefore afford to go to great lengths to meet the needs of our customers.» But you still need to be able to choose from this wide range of options. Here, too, the cooking expert highlights the brand’s trump card: listening! “We generally offer the client two meetings: the first to listen to their needs and their idea of ​​an ideal kitchen, and also to show them what exists; during the second interview, we then present him with a kitchen project in accordance with his expectations, but also with our touches, our suggestions, the fruit of our experience in the profession.»

An almost endless palette

From the worktop to the back wall, including the furniture, color is everywhere in your kitchen. “After the budget, the color (and style) is the first element that interests the customer. We have over 10,000 facades in our catalog! Of course he is king, but we recommend… Why not opt ​​for bold colors for the lower and upper furniture to avoid monotonous blocks? We can offer personalized colors inside the furniture: wood, black, etc.,” continues David Mertens. In addition to adding signature and atmosphere to your kitchen, color is a real “go-to” factor for you and your guests, but also for the future sale of your home. In addition, the color makes a small space bigger…”For example, we avoid black in a dark room. On the contrary, you can juggle rich shades in a bright kitchen! The same for textures: melamine, raw materials or lacquered facades, we have a choice to change the experience“, explains.

2024, between audacity and sobriety

As every year, Pantone has revealed its flagship for 2024: peach fuzz, a soft and velvety peach shade, a symbol of freshness and lightness. Always on trend, pastels, jade or khaki green, terracotta are in tune with the times. “Customers are becoming more daring. We recently had a request for an “aqua” kitchen with a rust color… It was very artistic! We can do it all, even Barbie pink or Ferrari red! But on average, our customers stick to safe and timeless values ​​such as white, black, dark wood or anthracite gray while adding a more personal touch. For example, a more original worktop, ceramics or terrazzo, fifties household appliances, brass accessories, etc.» Choose without resignation, that is the leitmotif of your future kitchen. To inspire you and start dreaming? Immerse yourself in the colorful Vanden Borre Kitchen catalog!

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