JUSTICE The public prosecutor was not informed in time: the drunk driver was acquitted

He was arrested immediately after his traffic violation was discovered. The man released this Tuesday, May 7.

When this driver, aged 43, was arrested on May 3 in a small village near Bagnols-sur-Cèze, he was under the influence of alcohol and driving too fast. Immediately, this man, “a repeat offender of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol with an alcohol concentration per liter of at least 0.80 grams (blood)”, was arrested and placed in custody. Here comes the problem: ” the police had to immediately call the public prosecutor to inform them of the facts and the measure of detention.”, pleads for the detainee, Master Alexandre Barakat. “In fact, the prosecutor was informed almost two hours later, the texts are clear that the indictment must be announced immediately“, emphasizes the lawyer who requests and obtains the release of his client based on this single criterion.

Arriving between two prison officers at the Nîmes Criminal Court, the defendant walked free.

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