JUSTICE After becoming a mother, she denounces the sexual abuse committed by her father when she was 10

A pensioner was convicted of incestuous sexual assault of his daughter.

The facts are from 28 years ago, but she seems to relive them as if she were talking about the attacks that happened yesterday. This mother painfully advances to the stand to face her assailant, her own father. A victim whothink often” bother“it’s in my life”, “and when my daughter was born, I couldn’t be with my parents. I was afraid, I didn’t want them to see my daughter.”“, this mother testifies at the bar, who therefore denounced the facts at the birth of her child. If this lady broke off contact with her father, she no longer sees her mother, who supported her husband after the incestuous acts were discovered. And a destroyed family with siblings on one side and parents to others.

Victim abused when she was 10

His father was sent back to the NĂ®mes Criminal Court this Tuesday, April 30. This former truck driver admits the facts. “After four years of psychotherapy, he still can’t explain himself. But there is sincerity in his guilt. Serious actions that must be punished, but don’t forget that we are 28 years after the fact“, pleads for the accused Master Ludivine Glories. 28 years after the fact, because the victim denounced the act 19 years after the abuse and the investigation then took a very long time.

You are presented with the ultimate manual for incestuous perverts whose only goal is to avoid prison.”a man stripped of his father’s title by his children”, says Master Henri Labi. “We must not forget that for a whole year this man denied the facts revealed by his daughter and called her a liar.” adds the victim’s advocate.

For the prosecutor, the facts are established, but the sanction remains. “We often hear people say be lenient because the facts are old.” “The facts are disgusting and excuse the expression, someone who repeatedly abuses their ten year old daughter is in jail instead”adds prosecutor Bertrand, demanding 3 years in prison.

Defendant gets 3 years but avoids prison. The court imposed a suspended sentence of 18 months on him. The fixed part will be done using an electronic bracelet. This father is registered as a sex offender. It also has an obligation to compensate victims and provide treatment.

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