How to get through (almost) the whole winter without turning on the heating

This new way of consuming energy was developed by the Belgian collective “Slow Heat”, which invites citizens to imagine and try out “disruptive” heating techniques. An approach that, in addition to reducing gas and electricity bills, invites us to rethink our concept of “thermal comfort”. So by adopting a few gestures and habits, the philosophy proposed by this collective would allow, with the exception of two or three days in the season, to pass almost the entire winter without turning on the radiator.

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How does it work ?

Without heating, a normally insulated house is naturally around 15 or 17 degrees.
Uninhabitable, what do you think? Not if we realize that it is not about suffering from the cold at home and losing all the pleasure of home, but rather about finding alternative ways of heating. And above all, work on body heat. For example, you can avoid heating an area of ​​50 square meters by staying on the sofa. Often it’s enough to put on a sweater and close the door to keep in as much warmth as possible when it starts to get cold to avoid turning on the heating. According to the collective, you would only have to heat for a few days per season, namely in the evening when, for example, you receive family or friends. The rest of the time, with flexibility and a few adjustments, the radiator remains off.

Customize your activities

According to the collective, one of the other important aspects is the adaptation of the activities we practice according to the temperature. The main idea behind SlowHeat is also to “make the demand for heat a conscious and controlled act rather than an automatic one”. By going through the scientific literature, the collective members identified a set of methods that consist in heating the body rather than the home. So static activities like this are done when there is sun that heats the house rather than in the evening when the house is cooler. And if it cannot be avoided, we arm ourselves with a heating pad or a proper blanket… We alternate static moments with movements such as washing dishes or cleaning in order to warm the body from the inside…

And the result is clearly visible on the gas bill: some members of the collective use only 55 euros for the whole year!

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