GARD Fight against narcotics: the prosecutor details the operations of the week

Around twenty people were arrested this week in Sommières and Nîmes.

Following the deployment of numerous police forces in the Mas de Mingue district of Nîmes last Monday (April 22, ed.), the public prosecutor confirmed in a press release that “carry out arrests within the framework of the request commission carried out by the services of the interdepartmental directorates of Gard and Hérault under the supervision of the investigating judge of the trial court of Nîmes in the case of drug trafficking, violence and detention of war weapons.”

Details about Cécile Gensac: “One person has already been in pre-trial detention since October 23, 2023, as part of the initial judicial investigation. Various objects and amounts of money related to human trafficking, as well as soft and hard drugs (cocaine) were seized. A continuation of the investigation over several months then led to a second series of 15 arrests on 23 April 2024. At the end of four days in police custody, four adults were charged and placed in remand custody, three other adults were also placed in custody and under court supervision with bans and obligations, one of which is a minor“.

He also specifies that at the same time another gendarmerie operation was carried out in Sommières after drug trafficking. “The gendarmes of the Gard gendarmerie group, under the direction of the investigation of the research brigade of the company Vauvert, detained and placed in a police cell six people from Sommières, including two women. On Thursday, April 25, four of them were remanded in custody to the public prosecutor and two under the supervision of a bail and custody judge until they appear in the criminal court on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, for an immediate appearance.“.

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