GARD cars seized and licenses revoked for ‘crazy drivers’ this weekend

The Gardai saw two major speeding incidents this weekend.

Constables from the Groupement du Gard alerted this Monday to two major speeding incidents on the department’s roads on Saturday, May 4 and Sunday, May 5.

The first took place on the night from Saturday to Sunday:Alpine from the Grand-Gallargues highway peloton caught the German sedan at 217 km/h instead of 130 on the A9 at Gallargues towards Montpellier.

But this crazy driver is not the only one who committed a traffic violation. Sunday late afternoon,”Motorcyclists from the Motorized Brigade of Bagnols-sur-C├Ęze captured this sports car at 164 km/h on the D22 in Blauzac, where the speed limit is 80″.

At-fault drivers who will be prosecuted after these serious speeding offences.

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