Decoration: a new type of lamp monopolizes our interiors

If you’re walking through the residential areas of your city at night, you’re likely to come across a window that’s leaking a huge halo of sunlight. Decoration based on colorful neon, TV light or dim candlelight? Nothing like that. The explanation can be found in a brand new decorative item that is finding its way into more and more interiors: the “sunset” lamp.

This item that we all have at home this time of year would be bad for our health:

“Sunset” lamp.

This LED projection lamp monopolizes decorative content on TikTok. The object, which – as its name suggests – is supposed to imitate the warm and honeyed light of the sunset, is surprising. Mainly because of its shape: a kind of microphone lamp that no longer points into the room, but rather onto the wall. Some microscopic models even climb right out of the ceiling and float into the void to offer a larger-than-life effect. Sometimes the remote control allows you to change shades, colors, transitions… Models range from a small lamp for 25 euros found on Amazon to the most powerful models like the Halo One model. A simple trick to face the winter gloom or a symptomatic phenomenon of the new “slipper generation”?

A little chromotherapy?

Yes, what has become of us that we all want to have a “golden hour” in the living room in the middle of February? Are we witnessing a very “Gen Z” reinterpretation of Danish hygge? Or a new tip for posting chic photos of your interior on your Insta feed? The reality is, as always, a bit in between. On the one hand, TikTok managed to make an accessory that wasn’t truly necessary for our survival (like a Stanley water bottle or a Uniqlo banana) hyper desirable. On the other hand, there are benefits of chromotherapy. You know, that therapeutic practice based on using color to affect physical and mental well-being.

This ancestral method is based on the belief that each color has specific energy vibrations that can affect our body and mind. Through exposure to colored lights, chromotherapy aims to balance energies, relieve stress, stimulate healing and promote overall well-being. Obviously, its effectiveness is a matter of debate, although more and more people prefer this alternative to medical solutions.

The new “slipper generation”?

To a Vice journalist, this famous “sunset” lamp would quickly appear to be a real “game changer.” Leave the smartphones and computer screens behind and welcome deep conversations. In a way, this new funny gadget becomes a reinterpretation of the blanket cabin we created for ourselves as children. The journalist, who goes by the nickname “Frankie,” also recounts how this lamp, too, encouraged her to listen to her thoughts, slow down, and engage in a personal performance of endless Chinese shadows.

Because what this new trend subtly emphasizes is also the time we spend between the four walls of our home. Since the pandemic, some have spoken of a “cocoon civilization,” others of a “slipper generation.” It is a real anthropological coup that more and more authors are condemning. Among them Vincent Cocquebert, who in a recent work devoted to this subject wrote these lines: “We are the first generation that has forgotten what it means to go out.” So we take TikTok’s orders to turn our home into a “safe zone” with a grain of salt. Which does not prevent you from investing in an accessory that will support the creative potential of your interior, as this new Parisian restaurant did. The best of all lighting, however, remains outdoor light.

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