Batibouw: What do kitchens look like in 2024?

1/ Gold and silver

While classic stainless steel remains the ideal choice, many other materials are making their way into the kitchens of 2024. From copper to gold, including blackened silver, kitchen brands offer more innovations to add a touch of chic to our kitchens. Integrate the luxury material into your faucets, your sink basins or other kitchen elements such as handles…

Copper faucet and sink, so chic – New York kitchen photo by DEBA

In the video: how to optimize storage in your kitchen:

2/ Seventieth note

In the kitchen of 2024, we’re also seeing a return to everything a bit flashy, colorful and cheesy. Splashback covers with lush retro prints, vintage details or decorative accents inspired from around the world will brighten up a classic kitchen, often open to the rest of the house.

Colorful retro splashback, slamming elements and your kitchen will light up – Photo by FRANKE

3/ High-tech boom

New technologies in home appliances focus on our health, such as powerful hoods that not only eliminate cooking odors, but also clean or disinfect the air. Interactive refrigerators that help you make a shopping list, faucets that provide boiling and sparkling water… The kitchen has been transformed into a highly modern space.

Pull-down hood that cleans the air, absolute luxury – photo V-ZUG

4/Pastels dominate

Pastels are (again) appearing in kitchens. Despite the predominance of white and wood, the proliferation of open cousins ​​opens the field to soft colors: pink, sea green and other colors are making a comeback. Coral beige, terra cotta, duck blue and vegetable shades. These new tones bring softness and a touch of color to our kitchen spaces. Often dressed in marble or soft wood for added elegance.

The shade “Colorado” in VANDENBORRE KITCHEN is sublimated by light wood

5/ Instagram inspiration

Finally, to build your dream kitchen comes expert advice from Vandenborre Kitchen, sending us to Pitnerest and social media for inspiration: “When designing your ideal kitchen, sometimes the hardest part is choosing because the options are so vast. Forget closed deadlines, like cottage, modern or vintage, because everyone has their own vision of cooking. My advice? Get inspired on our Pinterest page and through our catalog, step into the showroom and we’ll guide you from there, knowing that your kitchen can be customized down to the last detail. To your image!”

And finally, it’s true that social networks are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and ideas for creating a kitchen that suits you

In practice

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