Batibouw 2024: Horizontal shower, an innovation that revolutionizes the shower ritual

Fantasy spa at home

Well-known bubble baths and massage showers that turn your bathtub or shower into a treatment room. So imagine that while you lie comfortably on an elegant horizontal plane, a light stream of water massages your muscles and back. The water that comes out of the six shower heads falls on the body and, depending on the variant, can either massage certain parts of the body or play on targeted thermal stimuli. There are 3 pre-programmed modes activated by remote control that allow you to choose between a balancing, revitalizing or relieving effect.

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It is the German brand Dornbracht that presents this truly luxurious model to be opened in 2024. The brand specializes in home spas: massage showers, aqua pressure, so many functions that turn the moment of showering into a relaxing therapy.

Yes, but

What is certain is that this small bathroom gem requires both the space for installation (two to three times the floor area of ​​a conventional shower) and the budget that goes with it. We have to count almost €30,000 for such an installation, it makes you think. However, the brand assures us that its horizontal shower does not use much more water than a conventional shower and works as both a bath and a shower.

Dornbracht horizontal shower, price on request, available at

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