A GARD clergyman who has been questioned by police is already registered with the sex offenders’ register

A complaint by a former student, now an adult, triggered an investigation. The facts are almost 20 years old.

The cleric, who had been on the sex offenders’ register for about a decade after his conviction at the Nîmes Criminal Court, a sanction subsequently upheld by the Court of Appeal, was questioned about two weeks ago at the Vaucluse police station.

He was recently questioned about events that happened some twenty years ago at a non-covenant Catholic school in Gard. This “brother” from a religious congregation not recognized by the Vatican, now 80 years old, was the director of the Catholic Institute in Garda.

According to our information, the “religionists” were interrogated for free for acts of “sexually abusing another student”. Acts which the complainant claims took place within this Catholic institute some twenty years ago, but which were only condemned in 2021 by the complaint of this man who attended this college as a private child.

“Brother” taught for a large part of his professional life in a private institution in Alès “recognized” by the National Education. He then established “his educational institute” in another municipality of Gard. About ten years ago, he received a high criminal penalty before the Nîmes Criminal Court for sexually abusing another student and was imprisoned for more than two years.

According to our information, he completely denies the facts for which he was questioned in the past days. His former student denounces the forced fondling and the scenes where he had to expose himself to Christ to get his bad school grades forgiven! The investigation is ongoing, but the “brother”, who lives in another ward, is not under any restrictive measures at this time.

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