What are the healthiest paints for your interior?

You do not perceive them, and yet they are very present. WHO? Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) contained in paints applied to your walls several years ago. It was a time of excess glycerophthalic paints, used less and less today and that’s a good thing! But what healthy color should you use at home?

Choosing healthy colors for your interior is a favorable decision for your health and the planet. Their use will help reduce broadcastingbroadcasting toxic chemicals and improve qualityairair interior!

What is a healthy coating?

Simply put, healthy paint is made from natural ingredients. They are simple solventssolvents harmful volatile substances such as benzenebenzenestyrene, or toluenetolueneingredients harmful to health and the environment, of course!

Types of healthy colors to adopt

Today, it is becoming easier to choose healthy colors for your home for the simple reason that more and more of them are available:

  • lash-based color is the talk of the town! It contains 98% organic products and its share VOCsVOCs is extremely low;
  • lime paint does not release VOCs because it is made from natural ingredients (stone limestonelimestone, water, natural dyes). It is perfectly healthy for the household, ecological and resistant to bacteriabacteria ;
  • paint basedclayclay it does not contain any compounds from petrochemicals, so it is VOC-free. It follows the same line as the lime coating: ecological, lets the walls breathe and doesn’t allergenallergen.

Recognizing healthy colors

The paint must be labeled “European Ecolabel” and “NF environment” to certify that their composition and production respect the maximum environmental and health criteria. The label “Nature painting” issued by Ecocert ensures the completely natural origin of the paint.

Disadvantage? These labels are expensive and not necessarily affordable for small structures looking to shake up the healthy color offering. Do not hesitate to inquire about the composition of the products!

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