Tax: to avoid mistakes, important advice for parents of students with their own accommodation

The parents of a minor child who has independent accommodation as part of his studies must state his address in the income tax return for 2024.

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– Taxpayers must fill in the address of the student accommodation where their child lives

The tax return for 2024 is coming with a share of new functions. One of the most important concerns parents caring for a student child who does not live in their accommodation facility. They have to be very careful to tick certain boxes to avoid the mistakes seen last year. He asked Western France at the end of 2023, the tax office explained “that the home occupied by the student who has a lease agreement is the student’s primary residence, regardless of whether the student is tax-joined with his or her parents“.

In November 2023 thousands of people, often young people, have mistakenly received housing tax notices. In fact, after “Beetle», as stated in April by Bruno Le Maire, Tax Administration confused student accommodation with a second home – which are still subject to housing tax – because the taxpayers were registered at both addresses. To prevent this from happening again, the Directorate General for Public Finance (DGFiP) modified the part of the form linked to “students’ address attached to their parents’ tax household“. “Reliability will be extended to minor pupils who have been declared dependent in the parents’ statement», clarifies the Declaration 2024 brochure issued by the DGFiP.

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Unable to continue reporting

Specifically, “users will need to indicate whether the dependent has student status with accommodation independent of their parents’ status“. In this case, “must add the address of the student accommodation“. If the user omits this information, “he will not be able to continue his testimony», warns the tax administration. “At the beginning of the trip, the user must indicate whether they moved in 2023 or 2024 before continuing with their declaration.», Determined by DGFiP.

This new feature applies to all taxpayers. Attention, it is therefore necessary to check the correspondence of your pupil’s address in the income tax return to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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