Real estate: The municipality wants to offer houses for rent at ridiculous prices

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The town of La Pesse in Haut-Jura is considering the establishment of demountable houses that would offer very low rental prices to welcome new residents. An initiative that is attracting other cities in France.


– Demountable houses are built without foundations.

In the fight against rising real estate prices, this city has made it tough. The town of La Pesse, located in the Haut-Jura, imagined the creature from a small villagereports France 3. It’s a group of houses “reversible” and demountable, built on an area belonging to the municipality and rented to modest homes who pay their rent to the municipality. The goal of this real estate project: to attract new residents while leaving municipalities in control of their land.

How can we guarantee the interest of new tenants? By offering very low prices, between 100 and 250 euros per month rent a house. This very attractive amount should arouse the curiosity of many people looking for affordable housing. In La Pesse, living in a bright village would not do more 40 square meters, with large gardens that could be around 200 square meters, the chain specifies. An almost unbeatable price/performance ratio in this industry.

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Revitalize the activity of a city that has many second homes

The town located in close proximity to the slopes is very popular. Deputy Mayor Julien Carnot, contacted by our colleagues, believes that houses are being sold there today between “€400,000 and €500,000”. Almost 40% of the houses in the village serve as an office side houses and are regularly unoccupied. Thanks to this system, the town hall wants to revive the city’s activities and give more people the chance to afford accommodation at the foot of the Jura mountains.

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This initiative, launched by the Hameaux Légers association, has already been implemented in Brittany. In France, twenty-five cities are currently working on the project. In the village of La Pesse, five to ten houses could see the light of day by 2026. The municipality must now buy the land in order to deploy the returnable houses and welcome the first tenants.

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