Lotto: a player from Vienna wins a prize of several million euros

The player became a millionaire this Saturday, May 4, in the department of Vienne. The winner won a whopping 13 million euros by checking the correct numbers.

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– The winner of 13 million euros lives in the department of Vienne.

This player’s daily life will never be the same. While eleven nights have passed without a winner, the latest Loto jackpot has been won and its amount is exorbitant. A resident of Vienne won 13 million euros this Saturday, May 4, BFMTV informs. It is the second largest gain in the department’s history. A big package that will allow him to radically change his lifestyle.

The player checked his grid at the point of sale and bet on the correct numbers: 2, 6, 12, 16, 19 and lucky number 3. This winner, who is currently still anonymous, must now get in touch to claim this envelope and officially become a multi-millionaire, making him one of the people the richest in his region. He is also not the only winner of this draw. Thirteen people pocketed 21,604 euros.

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This year’s third biggest lottery win

This exorbitant jackpot is the ninth won this year and the third largest. The best “score” of 2024 is 20 million euros, i.e. the tenth largest grain in the history of Lot. All this after seven unsuccessful draws. With this profit, the lucky winner was the player who won the largest amount in the department of Seine-Maritime. Until then, the previous highest paying grid was won at Canteleo, but almost fifteen years ago, on November 13, 2009.

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