How to reduce noise at home with decoration

When the world is busy outside, finding peace and balance at home is like a luxury. False! The challenge is not absolutely impossible, you can customize your interior to satisfy your desire for peace. But how can you reduce unwanted noise and create a quieter cocoon without having to do a lot of work?

Over stylestyle, it’s about well-being! Because noise in the house can be really distracting, especially when the desired purpose when you close the door behind you is… peace.

Sounds of the house

Before masking them, it is necessary to clearly identify them! A busy street, a humming refrigerator, a washing machine in full flow, creaking floorboards or a poorly soundproofed children’s room, sounds disrupt everyday life. They are so present that they are almost inaudible. When the decor gets involved and helps to dampen noise loadnoise loadwhat a luck!

Noise: what does the law say?

Five decorating tips to reduce everyday noise

1. Insulate the front door

Stop the sounds coming from the landing! You can install cork panels on the door. This materialmaterial it is known to be an excellent sound insulator.

2. Insulate the walls

Acoustic panels made of felt, fabric or wool now offer pretty designs, ready to be installed in the bedroom, living room or on the common wall that separates you from your noisy neighbors! They are ideal for absorbing ambient noise.

3. Install a sound-absorbing mat

Feel free to place a few if needed. This type of carpet is thicker than traditional models, the aim is to limit the reverberation time.

4. Opt for many plants

Yes, green plants naturally dampen sounds. You can even install a green wall to save space and reduce sound wavessound waves from one room to another.

5. Replace the curtains

As well as acoustic carpets, sound curtains can be installed to improve the sound insulation of your home and of course decorate!

But also…

Consider placing numerous cushions on the sofa, thick furniture to dampen noise from a common wall, or acoustic paints and wallpaper if you have to renovate your home… while thinking about noise reduction Daily !

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