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When you begin your college education, you will hear and learn many new words that you don’t know To help you find your way in the middle of this nonsense, Kotplanet has a little something for you a glossary of commonly used words in high school and college. This little guide will help you integrate in the best way while smiling.

The paradox between your expectations before starting university studies and the reality on the ground.

1/ A cat

It is small flat which you can rent near your campus during your studies. This means you don’t have to drive every day to go and get home.

2/ Kotteur/Cotteuse

It is simply a name given to a person (a girl or a boy) who stays in this cat.


These are project sets. But what is it? The kot project is a place where 8 to 12 students live. They live under the same roof because they share the same desire implement a project that is close to them such as environment, disability, culture, humanity, etc.

4/ Blockade

It is here the pre-examination period during which you are studying (normally) prepare for January, June or even August sessions :/.

In addition, Kotplanet explains what it entails.

5/ Baptism

No, it’s not the one you’re thinking of. The student version of baptism is transition from the status of a new student (blue) to the status of baptized people belonging to the group of baptized students. You will be confronted with several tests show that you deserve your place. Be careful to know your limits. Beer often flows freely during the evenings. Furthermore, some use it to push you beyond your limits.

6/ Penn

The penne is a hat worn by students during christenings at liberal universities such as ULB. In contrast, students (applicants) wear a hat called a cap during ceremonies called a “corona”. This difference is not symbolic. The two types did not have the same ideas or the same political currents. So there was quite a bit of fighting between them. A certain friendly rivalry still persists today.

7/ Deep

Actually, you probably already know the meaning of this word. It is suitable for beginners drink a beer in as few sips as possible without stopping.

8/ School fees

It’s you Registration fees about your registration at a college or university. Don’t forget apply for a scholarship get back part of the tuition.

9/ Credits

No, it’s not spending money. These are shares allocated to each course according to its importance. You will have 60 credits to complete to confirm your year. There are also exceptions that allow you to not take a particular course but already have those credits.


It is a school trip largely funded by the school to enable you develop your skills (for example linguistics). Please note that not just anyone can leave. If you pass the exams (second session), unfortunately you will not be able to leave. You will have to choose between several destinations depending on the places available as well as your academic ranking.

When you start your higher education at a university or college, you will hear a lot of words. You will wonder what that means. Kotplanet gives you a little recap of some of these words specific to the student world. Let’s start with kot, kotteur and KAP. These three words are from the same family and all refer to an apartment you can rent not far from your campus. THE blockade is the study period before your exams. THE baptism it’s evening to officially place you in your school. PUSH penne will be the hat you will wear during this evening deep. THE mineral is the amount you will pay to complete this training. THE credits they are what you need to achieve to advance to a higher grade. ERASMUS is a trip you can take during the school year.

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