Enjoy a mosquito-free summer thanks to this super effective and cheap solution on sale at Lidl

Do you and mosquitoes make two? Protect yourself from them without emptying your wallet thanks to Lidl and this arrival of low-cost products.

Whoever says the return of good weather also says harmful weather that spoils our lives all day until the evening. High temperature, humidity in general and standing water in particular due to occasional rain are factors that encourage mosquito breeding. They’re only too happy to feast on our blood, they don’t shy away from their pleasure of eating us, and it’s often very complicated to keep them at bay, or even get rid of them for good.

However, there are solutions: repellants, fans, traps, plants against mosquitoes, diffusers and sprays… Natural, or rather chemical tips that have proven themselves. In particular, repellent plants placed in the right place – on the windowsill, around the terrace or in the heart of the garden – can work wonders. Of course, we can find lemongrass and lavender among them, but also basil, mint and St. John’s wort, eucalyptus or calendula.

Although these solutions work, one remains, capable of acting as a barrier, which is not without benefits. A very effective and ecological way to protect yourself against mosquitoes. Especially since it can be used in different ways to keep mosquitoes out of living and sleeping areas. And yes, there’s nothing better than a good old mosquito net for a mosquito-free summer, and Lidl understands that!

There is no shortage of good deals in the discount store, on the contrary, and with the approaching summer season, they are intensifying their efforts with the arrival of Livarno brand mosquito nets. Available in Lidl supermarkets from Monday 6 May 2024, most models are also sold online, while stocks last.

With this diverse range, which ranges from a Velcro mosquito net for €2.99 to an aluminum door mosquito net for €34.99, including a magnetic air and light permeable model for €9.99 and another with easy screw fixing (17, 99 euros), there really is something for all tastes and all (small) budgets. I’m not forgetting the essential mosquito net for the bed (9.99 euros) and the mosquito net with slat curtain (5.99 euros).

These mosquito nets are mostly UV-resistant and with a three-year warranty, they offer natural protection against mosquitoes. Our shopping advice before you take the plunge? Choose mosquito nets with a mesh that is fine enough to keep mosquitoes out but still allow good ventilation. Last but not least, Lidl also offers a UV mosquito repellent socket (6.99 euros) and a wireless UV insect catcher lamp (13.99 euros). Enough to spend a quiet summer season without bites.

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