Does working during the May 8 Bridge allow you to get an exceptional bonus?

French people who work during the May 8 bridge will not be able to get an exceptional bonus. A non-state holiday, May 10, is actually included in this period. Another day of leave may still be awarded to them as compensation.

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– Most 8. Května can offer employees five days of vacation this year.

If the May 8 bridge doesn’t work, is it worth it? With the day declared a public holiday to commemorate the 1945 victory and The Ascension, May 9, employees can get five consecutive days off by taking Friday, May 10. And if some jumped at the chance to indulge in a short stay by the sea or a plane ticket to sunbathe in Corsica or Italy, others will always be on board. Effort rewarded with a bonus? Noinforms BFMTV.

Benoît Serre, vice president of the National Association of HR Directors (ANDRH), explains to the channel that bonuses “must apply to people who work on public holidays”; gold, “This is not the case”. Indeed, Friday the 10th of May, as well as Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th there are no holidays. Therefore, working during this bridge, which includes a non-public holiday, makes it impossible to receive the bonus.

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An employer can refuse an employee to work on May 8

According to Benoît Serre, entrepreneurs who need employees working on Friday the 10th can, on the other hand, provide an extra holiday day in exchange to take another period. “There is no right” to bridge the gap, he recalls. The employer therefore has the right deny leave requests for such a period as circumstances require.

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Only May 1 is a mandatory day off. Therefore, workers who do not have a holiday on that day must receive compensation. However, many employees will be off duty during the May 8 bridge. The shutdown period, which represents a shortfall of 4 to 6 billion euros for the French economy, specifies the channel.

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