Caught selling cocaine he hid in his underwear, he wrongly blames his girlfriend for not diving alone

Dressed in sportswear in the colors of the famous Brazilian football club, Adriana takes a deep breath. He then enters the courtroom with a proud and relaxed air. Because she has already repeated it to the investigators: she has absolutely nothing to blame. The one who got her into such trouble was Renato (not his real name).

“By trading for consumption, you are selling to others the filth that made you addicted”

No less than 19 paxons in boxers

It all begins one January evening somewhere in a street in the lower part of Saint-Gilles in Brussels. More precisely, in a car parked on a street in the lower part of Saint-Gilles in Brussels. It’s a quiet winter evening, without much commotion in the neighborhood. But the police – especially present at this time when scores are being settled between drug dealers – are watching closely. And it is while on patrol that the officers see Renata – dressed in pajamas – sitting in his car talking to another person in much less casual clothing. Intrigued, the police approach and see that Renato is in the middle of a commercial operation. His partner is a customer who came for cocaine.

“You are a very bad businessman. You are worthless. It’s clear that we have to move on in life”

Both people were directly arrested. Renato hides behind his poor knowledge of French to avoid answering police questions. The customer comes to the table very quickly: she says she does not know her seller personally, but she has dealt with him at least once during the purchase. And explain that he regularly uses the WhatsApp channel mainly to order cocaine. But she insists: she is “an honest citizen“who does nothing but buy something”forget your worries“due to”stressful job“.

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Renato, who refused to comment, eventually admitted that he was indeed involved in the drug trade. It must be said that during the search of the young man, the police discovered 19 packages of cocaine hidden in his underwear. Investigators also found photos of narcotics nicely packaged and ready for delivery on his phone, as well as messages with customer addresses.

With so many elements, Renato is hard to deny. “My girlfriend is in it too” he told investigators. His girlfriend is Adriana. And according to Renata, the young woman’s mission is to look after her while she sells goods.

To support his story in court, Renato explains that shortly before the transaction for which he was arrested, Adriana was watching for any policemen on the street or in a local nightclub. A young woman was also arrested at the exit of one of these shops and as she was heading towards Renato’s car. But what they say is of a completely different nature…

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Black cakes

Adriana explained to the officers that she entered these grocery stores with a specific goal: to buy a charger for her dead phone. She hoped to find even a cable in her friend’s car without success. And then she was arrested. “I knew nothing at all. I didn’t know he did all his stuffinsists the judge. Since this story, we are no longer together.”

The young woman explains that she is passionate about baking. That she wishes to be regularized to be her profession. But in the meantime, he makes a living by making birthday cakes. A very lucrative black market activity that makes potential drug-related activity completely unnecessary, he says.

The prosecution seems to believe Adriana. Especially since the police checked: the young woman’s story fits the traders’ explanation. Renato will claim that it is “lame excuse“. Not enough for the prosecutor. Which requires absolution for Adriana. And fifteen months in prison for Renata.

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