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There’s no point in running. Sometimes it’s good to take your time. Even in terms of renovation. This is how Pam and JiYe, owners of 88m2 in Brooklyn, implemented their project in two stages. Due to the lack of budget, they tackle the most pressing problems first without embarking on a difficult and expensive project. You can’t touch the bathroom, remodel the kitchen, or the differences in the floor and ceiling in this room. However, new parquet floors are installed, the walls are painted, an office area is created and the fireplace is stripped of wood to be covered with white tiles, giving it a touch of glamour. Work carried out at the time by Tana Nesbitt-Hayes, founder of Studio 8 Architect.
That could be the end of the story. About ten years later, however, the couple decided to reevaluate the entire apartment. It is only natural that he calls Tanu again to prolong the narrative he had started earlier.
This time we’re reinventing everything, or almost. From the first reconstruction, the architect preserved, among other things, the fireplace and shelves in the bedroom. The floors can finally be leveled. Kitchen inspected. New facades (Reforma) give it a new look. White, timeless and minimalist. They reflect the desires of the guests of this place. Nothing flashy. Refined atmosphere, however, punctuated with distinctive pieces and colorful touches.
In short, a neutral chromatic palette, serving the artworks and design furniture of these aesthete collectors.

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Minimalist decoration that gives vintage pride of place

The only exception to this rule is the floor of ponds. “I tried very hard to convince them to do something special on the wall behind the bed or in the kitchen, but they didn’t want to create another visual mess,” recalls the architect, continuing: “The only place they agreed to do something special was the kitchen and bathroom tiling. “It will be terracotta. Powerful and graphic. It tells a story between timelessness and vintage. A classic that fits and dramatizes the atmosphere. It also makes it possible to indicate the functions of this basically open apartment. Therefore, it is logical that we find it in all bodies of water. It creates connection and harmony between them.
Elsewhere, other devices are used to delineate spaces. Placement here, further on a carpet, elsewhere a fireplace or an architectural element allow these volumes to be measured along their length. Because we don’t divide here, or almost. We divide visually. There is no question of the loss of light provided by the large and numerous south-facing windows.
We also do not clutter the rooms with furniture or storage spaces. Discretion and design, simplicity and style interact with virtuosity. The result is bubbles of relaxation, thanks to which you forget the hustle and bustle of the city and the bustling cafe under the building from the end of the 19th century.
We are recharging our batteries. And it feels good.

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