Vinted: what is the ideal time to post and sell effectively

How to increase your chances of selling on Vinted? It’s a good idea to post your ads at the end of the day and on Sundays to boost your visibility on the second hand platform.

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– Vinted users are less active online during the morning.

As the sunny days approach, it’s time to sort! To make room in the dressing room when giving away a second life for your clothes, many go to Vinted. This online platform allows you to say goodbye to a pair of shoes, an old t-shirt or even a sweater that has been gathering dust in the back of your closet for money. But be careful selling your stuff online doesn’t happen by accident and it is recommended to respect certain rules to maximize your chances of finding a buyer.

Tips to follow include miss miss emphasizes the importance of choice time of publication of the ad. Just like on Instagram, Facebook or le bon coin, the time of publication is essential, and a well-chosen time of day allows you to become more visible and to be better referenced among other users. It mainly depends on the habits of Internet users. For example, posting in the morning is not recommendedbecause your potential buyers might miss your design on their way to work.

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The Vinted application is mostly visited on Sundays and at the beginning of the month

According to the magazine on Vinted, you should prioritize the publication between 18:00 and 21:00. to be sure of it. In fact, many users go online at the end of the day to relax. A potential buyer is more likely to decide to warm up the credit card after a long day at work, rather than during a lunch coffee break. Vinted records too peak visits on Sundaysand especially at the beginning of the month, when the budget has not yet been used up too much.

Some online sellers have even developed strategies to get featured as much as possible. One English woman in particular explained that she regularly deletes and then reposts her ads to adapt how the algorithm works by Vinted, which favors accounts producing numerous publications.

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