This is why you should turn off notifications now

We already know that screens and their ubiquity harm the mental health of users, especially the youngest. Smartphones, computers, tablets… They are everywhere! Like an extension of the hand, it’s hard to imagine yourself without a phone these days. So for many people, the day begins and ends in front of a screen.

Early warnings will not help us unlearn. Exactly opposite! These small alerts promote an illusory sense of urgency. Real disaster, notifications and other digital interruptions cost us a lot of time to focus.

Barriers to productivity

Professional or personal, notifications resonate several times a day. This makes it almost impossible to put your smartphone away for a very long time. The problem is that notifications erode our ability to focus. Every day, employees lose 1.5 hours to notifications and other interruptions related to work emails. As a result, their workload increases as well as feelings of frustration and exhaustion. Remember that it takes more than a minute on average to get back to work after checking your email inbox. The same goes for students who are too often distracted by the sounds of smartphones.

Notifications apply constant pressure and stimulate our brain so it believes we are facing urgent situations. It is not, but our brain falls into the trap. That is why the colored warning point is red. The sense of urgency is there, we can’t resist it…

As explained ConversationOur cognitive system really likes to predict future events to adjust our actions. So notifications disrupt our brain because they interrupt us. Something our brain didn’t anticipate. This demobilizes our concentration and can even create stress. To compensate for this disruption, our brain must redouble its efforts to implement adaptive strategies.

If technology makes our daily lives easier in many ways, we shouldn’t let ourselves be consumed by it. Thus, it is essential to find a balance so that we can take full advantage of the technology without suffering the harmful consequences.

Currently, digital detox is “in vogue” and solutions to this hyper-connectivity are offered by apps like smartphone manufacturers. It is possible to choose modes dedicated to concentration and digital well-being, which block overly distracting applications. You also have the option to switch your phone to black and white and mute notifications completely to calm your cognitive system.

  • Early notifications disrupt our cognitive system
  • They cause stress, frustration, fatigue and waste time
  • A balance needs to be found between the benefits of technology and its harmful consequences

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