House spiders: why you shouldn’t kill them?

They don’t like spiders: every fourth Frenchman admits to being afraid of them. So when one walks through our living room, the bravest of us don’t hesitate to play slippers! But is it really wise to kill spiders that take up residence in our homes?

There are more than 1,600 of them in France speciesspecies different fromspidersspiders. Almost a hundred of these tiny animals live on every square meter of meadow. I can already hear some arachnophobes screaming: “Horror!” However, spiders they have proved very useful in our gardens and in our homes… Unprecedented predatorsthey would capture at least a toninsectinsect per year and per hectare.

Spiders are not only useful, but they are also much more intelligent than we think. Proof with this spider that learned to catch whole lizards! © Futura

A spider is a sign of a healthy home

So the less soiled the garden is, the more it attracts the spiders they like biodiversitybiodiversity. As for your interior, these little creatures will clean it of flies, mosquitoesmosquitoes or other cockroaches and cockroaches. Good deal!

We would also like to point out that house spiders that are found in our country flee from places that are too closed, too hot or too humid. If it takes up residence in your home, it’s a sign that your home is a pretty healthy place to live.

Try not to let the spiders out

If any of you are tempted to return the spiders found in your home to the wild, you might want to think twice, because for some of them, this action is tantamount to a death sentence. Spiders are actually adapted living conditions very accurate. Some species are no longer found in nature, but only in our homes.

So if spiders are bothering you but you don’t want to kill them, move them instead to an area of ​​your home—like the garage or basement—where they can live out their lives far enough away from you.

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