Will your medical expenses soon be limited by your income?

As the government looks for savings across the board, a member of the presidential majority is proposing to cap the remainder to be paid by low-income patients. And increase the bill for the richest.

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– The deputy of the presidential majority proposes capping the remaining part of patients according to the percentage of their income

Pay for care according to your means. This is the idea of ​​Jean-Carles Grelier, the renaissance representative of Sarthe, who has just presented a bill that is, to say the least, stunning. While the government is looking for savings in the health system, an elected representative proposes to clean up the existing system and create a new model of financing care that would be fairer a priori. Forget health deductions and lump sum contributions, make it a “PRAC” instead. Translation: “income-based ceiling on remaining household health expenditure”.

Specifically, patients would pay up to one for their medical consultations or medications percentage of their annual income, which is established annually by Parliament in the Social Security Financing Act. The poorest would thus pay less for care than the richest, where they are currently reimbursed by the health insurance company anyway. In other words, if you have a comfortable income, you could pay more for care than you do today. Currently, the basic principle is that everyone contributes according to their means and benefits from care at the same price. “But 10% of insecure French people have some expenses (after social security and mutual insurance, editor’s note) 4 times higher than the richest 10%”warns Jean-Carles Grelier.

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“Savings of 5 billion euros for the whole year”

Sarthe MP was therefore inspired by the studies of François Ecalle, president of the Fipeco website, which analyzed the mechanisms for capping the remainder payable by patients in several countries, such as Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, which cap the remainder according to patient income. A path that would not only reduce the health expenses of the most modest, but that would generate “Savings of 5 billion euros for the whole year”says Jean-Carles Grelier.

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If France in turn adopts PRAC, then this system will replace health deductibles and other packages deducted from reimbursements, but also certain measures that were already aimed at reducing patients’ bills, such as 100% health insurance for glasses, hearing aids or dental care, or even long-term -term conditions (ALD) for people with chronic diseases. “This will make the system more understandable for policyholders”assured Jean-Carles Grelier. What’s more, whether you are frugal or rich, if you exceed the cap during the year, then the rest of your medical expenses would be covered 100% by the health insurance company until December 31st of that year.

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It remains to be seen whether the measure will convince MPs and the government. At the moment, the text is supported by other MPs from the majority, especially Sacha Houlié, one of the first supporters of Emmanuel Macron.

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