Why should you write by hand more often?

In an age where keyboards and touchscreens dominate our means of communication, the practice of writing by hand can seem outdated or even unnecessary. However, current studies emphasize the remarkable cognitive benefits it provides. Research published in a journal Frontiers in Psychology FR Van der Weel and Audrey LH Van der Meer, researchers in the field of psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, show that handwriting activates areas of the brain more intensively, thereby facilitating memory improvement.

Pens or pencils are far from obsolete, and even if the era of exchanging letters is over, do not lose the habit of using them from time to time. Your brain will be better for it.

Handwriting strengthens neural connectivity

Thirty-six students took part in the experiment and were asked to use a digital pen or keyboard to enter randomly selected words from the game Pictionary while equipped with sophisticated devices that recorded their brain activity. The data collected revealed a a noticeable increase in connectivity between the cerebral hemispheres when writing by handcompared to typing on a keyboard.

In other words, the two parts of the brain, left and right, communicate more actively and effectively among them, when one writes by hand rather than on a keyboard. According to this study from the University of California, the connectivity between the two hemispheres is “ the key to language development and that weak link (…) lowers verbal IQ “.

Van der Weel and Van der Meer noted that ” this suggests that different underlying cognitive processes are involved in the two tasks “. An observation that proves deeper and more complex use of neural networks during handwriting, suggesting that this activity could generate greater cognitive benefits compared to keyboarding. Should we really be surprised?

Integrate handwriting into everyday life

Some of you probably don’t even remember the last time you held a pen. Nevertheless, the authors of the study recommend using handwriting in situations where memorization is necessary. Conferences, meetings, so many times when you should prefer a pen to a keyboard.

Writing words not only allows us to do this enhance memorization of content, but also proves itself in contexts requiring subsequent retrieval of information. Therefore, writing by hand “burns” it into your long-term memory and centers the information more effectively.

In addition to these benefits, handwriting offers a number of benefits that go beyond the act itself. Letter it protects you from digital distractions avoiding any of the constant interruptions typical of using modern technology. Recurring alerts or impulses to check your social media. This reduction in external disturbances thus contributes to promoting more robust and sustained concentration.

So writing still remains a very powerful tool, strengthening memory and concentration. Abandoning it entirely would be quite unfortunate, and integrating it more into our daily routines could be one of the keys to developing a sharper mind. This skill we learned in our childhood, therefore, it deserves to be cultivated and appreciated throughout our lives; The digital age and its avalanche of tools that make our lives easier should not distance us from it.

  • A study has shown that handwriting strengthens brain connectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain.
  • It also supports memorization and concentration.
  • In some of our daily routines, handwriting should ideally be preferred over other techniques.

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