What is the SIM card scam causing havoc on Facebook?

A few weeks ago we talked to you about SIM card fraud. We remind you that this message usually starts with an SMS where a fraudster impersonates your operator. It will notify you that a new SIM card is available. If you are not the originator of this request, you will be prompted to click on a link.

A friend who doesn’t wish you well

You will then be taken to a page that mimics (more or less well) the operator’s page to retrieve your usernames and passwords. Cybercriminals are then able to steal your identity from the real carrier to order a new card and effectively take control of your phone plan, which you continue to pay for.

According to the website Evening Geek, this scam is now deployed on Facebook. It causes confusion and some internet users have lost several thousand euros. Our Belgian colleagues point out that this strategy is even trickier.

And for good reason, malicious actors first take over the Facebook account of one of your loved ones by hacking it. They will then contact you stating that they have a serious problem: their SIM card has been blocked and you will be able to help them solve this problem.

The rest is familiar and reproduces the diagram we saw above. The person pretending to be a friend will actually send you a fraudulent link and if you fall for it, they will take control of your package.

How to protect yourself?

As we understand, this threat is more concrete than ever. However, in the face of risk, there are common sense reflexes that must be adopted. In particular, you can call the relative in question directly to check whether their request is legitimate.

Also pay attention to the spelling and tone of the message. Does it match your partner’s personality? It makes sense that he would reach out to you and not someone else. In any case, never rush to act and give yourself time to think. Cybercriminals also try to create a sense of urgency in their targets to force them to make mistakes.

If you have fallen into a trap, it is important to file a claim and then contact your operator. You can also report this scam at Cybermalveillance.gouv.fr. This will indeed allow the authorities to better stop this phenomenon so that other Internet users do not fall victim to these scams.

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