The best cafes and coworking spaces for studying in Brussels

You have a lot of tprepare group work? Or you just love study in a group or even alone but with people around? But you have Tired of working in the same places all the time? No worries, Kotplanet offers you the best coworking spaces for group work.

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1/ Multi-office

Multiburo in the heart of Brussels offers bright coworking spaces. It’s there too garden available in the back of the building. If you pay 11 euros per hour, you have access to coworking sa free tea or coffeeAND access to the central cafe, access to private bubbles and especially high speed wifi! There are several other addresses, so you can go to the one closest to you. There are some one on Avenue LouiseOn European district and the last near Brussels Central Station. You will definitely find what you are looking for there and you will be able to go to work in an environment that is a little different from your school, your kitchen and your library.

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2/ The Papotes café

It’s the perfect place to work! It is located at rue Lesbroussart in Ixelles, it’s a great place for brunch or a snack at work. Moreover, Papotes wants to be a responsible coffee and he limit maximum waste ! Obviously there is Wireless and several tables where you can sit and be productive all day while eating a little treat. For sunny days you can even study in the sun because the cafe has a great terrace.

3/ Café du Sablon

Located in right in the center of Brussels between the Palais de Justice and the Palais de Bruxelles, the cafe will charm you with its industrial and vintage atmosphere. When there is a bit of sunshine, you will be able to enjoy yourself terrace work. There is coffee open every day and also on weekends until 8 p.m.So you can go there after class and end your study day there, it’s the atmosphere super cozy and you can eat nice things there.

4/ Nomad

Located between Place Saint-Gilles and Gate Hal, this coworking space looks like a coffee shop. You sit down, you can order a hot drink, a small snack, and then sit back and work. For 6 euros per hour, you will be calm and in a bright environment you will be super productive!

Working in the same place is not always pleasant, sometimes you have to change! of coworking spaces are super nice, you see everyone working and that can motivate you. And take a a little coffee while studying your course will add a super pleasant mood!

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