Several hundred pro-Palestinian students demonstrate in front of the Pantheon

“Israeli murderer, accomplice of Macron”, the protesters chant. This Friday, May 3, a meeting of several hundred pro-Palestinian students is taking place in front of the Pantheon in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Activists behind their banners condemn the suppression of mobilizations at universities and partnerships established with Israeli organizations.

Palestinian flags mingle in the crowd with those of left-wing student unions. The organizations represented are UNEF, Student Union, Raised Fist, but also France Insoumise, NPA and Young Communists. At the front of the rally, which formed at 2 p.m., students held placards. “Stop War, Stop Colonization, International Solidarity”we can read about one of them.

The police present at the scene kept a sufficient distance from the demonstrators. While reinforcements are deployed in the adjacent streets.

Students condemn the partnership

At the back of the rally, a student draped in a Palestinian flag sums up the slogans of the mobilization. “We want the liberation of Palestine, an end to university complicity with Israel and an end to the repression of mobilized students”claims the young girl behind the black surgical mask. “In recent days, CRS has hit universities to unblock them, it’s unheard of”the L3 maths student continues defiantly.

Next to her, a student from Paris Cité is charging his university. “We have a president L’Oreal France in the facility’s research committee. While this company has factories in West Bank settlements., condemns a young man whose face is hidden by a black and white keffiyeh. The student also protests against the collaborations established by his establishment. “There is a scientific partnership between Paris V and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,” complains the young man. In France we make a big deal about Islamism for the sake of secularism, but when it comes to establishing a connection with a Hebrew institution that is no problem for anyone.

UNI organizes a counter-demonstration

On the sidelines of the assembly, the right-wing student union UNI organized a counter-demonstration. “Pro-Hamas Out”, “Hamas=terrorists”the activists wrote on signs they held out to the crowd.

This demonstration comes at a time when several institutions were mobilized in support of Palestine this Friday. So earlier in the day, Sciences Po Lyon and Sciences Po Paris were busy. Demonstrations were also recorded yesterday at the universities of Paris 8, La Sorbonne, but also at the ENS, the journalism school in Lille and at the IEP in the same city.

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