Own your new headquarters on a budget

Genuine shared tenancy was introduced to enable low income households to become new home owners in a stressed area. affordable price. This lease includes the separation of the land from the buildings and thus makes it possible to reduce the final price of the acquired new housing. In other words, you become the owner of only built housing, while renting the land to the land solidarity organization (OFS). Due to the low fixed rent and the fixed rent for a period of 18 to 99 years, there are interesting financial advantages. In this case, buying from BRS guarantees you savings between 15 and 40%. compared to buying full ownership in the same sector and also low rents which are indexed to the IRL (rent reference index).

Note that it is entirely possible to sell a house acquired with BRS, you just have to respect the same eligibility criteria as for buying. These criteria vary depending on the geographic area and the number of people in the household.

Number of people in the accommodation Abis and A zones Area B1 Zones B2 and C
Free €37,581 €37,581 €32,673
2 persons without dependents (except young households) €56,169 €56,169 €43,633
3 persons or an individual + 1 dependent or young household €73,630 €67,517 €52,471
4 people or one person + 2 dependents €87,909 €80,875 €63,347
5 people or one person + 3 dependents €104,592 €95,739 €74,518
6 people or one person + 4 dependents €117,694 €107,738 €83,983
For another person €13,116 €12,005 €9,368

By buying in BRS, you have the opportunity to become an owner in a tight area, and therefore attractive by definition, at a moderate price, not to mention that you can combine this system with other auxiliary and assisted loans, such as PTZ from the example for first-time buyers. Note that you benefit from OFS housing repurchase guaranteeand you automatically benefit for VAT reduced to 5.5%. Some municipalities even give you a discount from 30 to 100% of the property tax, for more information contact the town hall.

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