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Updated May 3, 2024 at 6:56 p.m.

A beautiful bouquet for Mother’s Day? Classic or more original, an overview of florists who deliver this gift filled with love on May 26, 2024.

The must-have Mother’s Day bouquet knows how to reinvent itself. This year, fresh flowers come in soft shades and dried flowers make a comeback. Duo bouquets, artistic compositions, green plants or flowers accompanied by a small gourmet gift remain the gift we can offer and deliver.

What bouquet to give for Mother’s Day?

Sometimes we tend to forget it, but even flowers have their season. So, for a more respectful Mother’s Day, we will definitely fall for a wonderful bouquet of peonies. Intense red, powder pink or immaculate white, these fleshy pom-pom flowers will be perfect for expressing your love for your mother. For a more durable souvenir, why not opt ​​for dried flowers? They add a touch of originality right on trend. And to avoid mistakes or send the right message, you can also learn the meaning of flowers and compose the most delicate bouquets.

What colors are associated with Mother’s Day?

If Valentine’s Day is red, Christmas is green, red and gold, what color best represents Mother’s Day? Few colors are associated with this celebration in the collective imagination. But we can assume that starting from seasonal flowers is a good chromic indicator. That is why we draw colors from this natural palette that will be a hit with your mother. Among the basic ones we can find rose, peony, lily and even tulips. Powder, pastel and white shades should be preferred to express the love we have for them with delicacy and tenderness. A mixture of leaves and yellow or orange flowers, even with a tendency to red, will add a twist to this traditional bouquet.
For more lasting attention, a green plant will be a great ally to prolong pleasure.

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