Mark Zuckerberg lost more than 19 billion dollars in one month

Here are the 10 billionaires in Belgium according to the latest Forbes ranking

The richest man loses $16.8 billion

Bernard Arnault remains the richest man on the planet since the beginning of April, although he lost almost 16.8 billion dollars. It goes from an April fortune estimated at $226.2 billion to $209.4 billion on May 1. Elon Musk in turn overtook Jeff Bezos in the ranking of the richest personalities and on May 1 recorded a fortune of 199.6 billion dollars, while it was 193.3 billion dollars for the head of Amazon. He lost $5.1 billion in the past month, while the CEO of Tesla and Space X earned $4.3 billion.

One of the biggest losers among the richest people on the planet is Mark Zuckerberg. The Meta boss has actually lost nearly $19.1 billion since April 1st. His current fortune is estimated at $151.2 billion. Another big loser this April: Larry Ellison, co-founder of software company Oracle. He went from an estimated fortune of 155.2 billion to a modest fortune of 142.8 billion dollars, losing 12.4 dollars in the process.

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The big winner of the 10 richest people on the planet is Sergey Brin, who acquired a fortune of 8.8 billion dollars in one month. Today, the majority shareholder and member of the board of directors of Alphabet ranks eighth in the Forbes list with a fortune estimated at $129.9 billion.

The complete ranking of the ten richest people in the world (as of May 1):

  1. Bernard Arnault: $209.4 billion
  2. Elon Musk: $199.6 billion
  3. Jeff Bezos: $193.3 billion
  4. Mark Zuckerberg: $151.2 billion
  5. Larry Ellison: $142.8 billion
  6. Larry Page: $135.4 billion
  7. Warren Buffett: $131 billion
  8. Sergey Brin: $129.9 billion
  9. Bill Gates: $127 billion
  10. Steve Ballmer: $117.1 billion

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