Google helps you avoid scams on Android with this new badge

The internet is full of scams of all kinds, and among these scams are apps that try to impersonate official government apps to steal personal data or even money. And to deal with this scourge, Google has developed a new visual indicator in the Play Store, its Android app store, to help users avoid this type of fraud.

This is a new badge that can be displayed on Play Store pages of government-provided apps as well as store listings. And when the user taps on that “Government” badge, a message appears explaining that Google was able to verify that the app is indeed affiliated with a government entity.

Google mentioned this new feature in November. And after months of testing, it’s finally deployed. According to Android Authority, the new badge has already been deployed on several thousand government apps and in several countries, including France.

Google wants to strengthen the quality of the Play Store

Otherwise, it should be noted that the launch of this badge is part of a wider initiative by Google, which wants improve the quality of the Android app catalog.

“Maintaining the consistently high quality of apps in these environments is our top priority, which is why we’re constantly investing in new tools, features and programs to help developers deliver the best apps and games.”the firm explained in an announcement published in November.
For example, the company improved the verification process for new and existing applications. And new developers using a personal account must test their apps with at least 20 people for two weeks. In November, Google also committed to making high-quality local or regional content more visible and notifying users when apps may not work properly on their devices.

When it comes to the badge for government apps, this is just the beginning. In fact, the goal is to offer a new visual indicator in the Play Store to help users easily find the content they’re looking for, not just government-related apps.

  • Google is starting to deploy a new indicator in the Play Store that certifies apps offered by governments
  • This feature, which can prevent you from being scammed, is deployed in France
  • The news is part of Google’s efforts to improve the quality of the catalog of applications offered on Android
  • Other indicators similar to the one that certifies government applications should arrive later

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