Edhec cooperates with the school of Mehdi Cornilliet, the founder of Major Prép

Edhec announces the signing of a partnership with Empower College, a post-baccalaureate school created by entrepreneur Mehdi Cornilliet. For this HEC graduate, founder of higher education site Major Prépa, the aim of the deal is to help young people from humble backgrounds fit into a major business school. “This project has been close to my heart since 2020,” says Mehdi Cornilliet, who continues: “In recent years, I have witnessed the development of higher education and on the one hand I have seen large schools that have a great difficulty in attracting scholarship students, who are much more attracted to work-study programs. My project is to combine both. And he added: “I would like to make young people understand that the best way to climb the social ladder is to go to a great school.”

Mehdi Cornilliet, a 2019 HEC graduate, wants to help other young people from humble backgrounds make it to a big school.Photo credit Frédéric SENARD for Audencia.

Based in Guyancourt Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Empower College will integrate high school graduates from all backgrounds from September 2024 to enable them to enter a major business school at the end of their training. They will start with two years of BTS rotations: BTS NDRC (Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationships) and BTS CG (Accounting and Management).

Parallel admission procedure

At the end of this BTS, they will continue with a third year of study, still on a work-study basis. It will either be a year devoted to preparing for the Admissions Procedure Based on Qualifications (AST) to trade schools or a special program called “Ascension Edhec”. This completely free specific course, which is reserved for students who are eligible for Crous scholarships, will enable them to join the Edhec International BBA in 3rd year through a parallel admission route after their BTS is verified. This specialization provides additional modules and enhanced lessons that increase their chances of success. Students will also benefit from Edhec student and graduate support, as well as conferences and visits. Admission to Empower College will be based on application and oral interview. Matriculation graduates who wish to join the “Ascension Edhec” course will have to appear before a second panel of Empower College and Edhec members who will make the final decision.

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