Be careful if you have a food voucher card: several thousand euros were stolen after the account was hacked

In fact, as relayed by VRT, in 2023 cybercriminals would buy corporate data from other hackers who stole it. And among this batch of data, they managed to get email addresses and passwords. The same addresses and passwords that are used to connect to the electronic meal vouchers platform. Once the hackers joined, they had plenty of time to empty the accounts. This is how they managed to steal several thousand euros.

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Olivier Bouquet, CEO of Edenred, denies being responsible for this data breach: “Edenred itself has never been a victim of a data breach. We have never lost customer data from our systems. The security of our systems is a top priority for us“, he confides to our Flemish colleagues.

They are the responsibility of the users and no compensation is provided: “We inform our users about the best way to manage their data. We expect everyone to choose a unique and strong password to prevent this form of fraud.

However, Edenred will accept two-factor identification for its online payments, which is not yet the case today. “This two-step verification will become mandatory for all users via SMS or Itsme. Both to access your accounts and to make payments or link your card to other payment services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay“, confides Olivier Bouquet.

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